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Celebrating "Syncretismas" in the land of the shapeshifters

My PhD professor and mentor Roy Ascott, to whom I owe far more than just this one word is the one who coined the term "syncretismas" a few years ago when he sent out a syncretic season's greeting. It fits what goes on here, an essentially non-Christian society, to a tee and I have thus embraced it wholeheartedly in describing the occurrences around this time of year in what I think of (mostly quite fondly but sometimes also critically) as the land of the shapeshifter. Today I went to a cut-price hyper-market to stock up on household utensils, cleaning things and so forth. And then later I took a stroll around Kadikoy market. And since the preparations for "Syncretismas", which is celebrated here on New Year's Eve in the shape of a completely secular, non-religious "Christmas", are well under way I took the opportunity to document some of what I saw, to share with people who do not know my culture.
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I do not know how many people read this blog. To judge by what the wordpress stats give me, not too many at all. 12 today. 5 yesterday, none the few days before that, then 4 and so on. But recently I found out that I do not see all the viewings. And not only the ones via RSS but even regular page viewings. Some of those seem to slip the radar as well. So, really I have no idea.
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I have been taking photos of the Annex and posting them on Flickr. Venk's photos have finally shamed me into doing it, which meant spending some time there, of course.
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Ai Weiwei (or the RL day of 2 SL avatars)

I am so glad that I can post this now, right after the last post. After having completely let loose about how I am so fed up with the mediocrity, the banality, the cliche ridden existence of contemporary art in general, it feels so good to be bowled over and wowed by this! Truth be told I am at the point where I no longer even bother, no longer go to art events, avoid biennials and such. I no longer want to be subjected to so much ado about nothing, to endless loops of grainy video with no tangible beginning and no end. I have had it!
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I am not an artist!

Stelarc has come into Second Life. Hugely significant, I think. He is a breaker of taboos, a master of the art of pulling the cute little rug of complacency out from under people's feet. And, from where I am standing, our little world needs some serious breaking of taboos and a thorough dishevelment of complacency.
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Was it the t-shirt?!?

Grapho is the one who created all the avatars for Burning Life. They really do fall into his domain of expertise: They are dark, textured, evocative of unconscious things. So, he has been spending a lot of time in-world lately. Now, there are some remarkable things to do with his prolonged presence. One is that no matter how often his name gets mentioned in all the note cards and no matter that his name appears on every single prim and inventory item, almost everyone he has encountered refuses to believe that he actually made these avatars. They all think that I (Alpha) made them. Or that I made them as Alpha. Whatever... In fact, when he tried to convince a group of people that he was the designer, all he got for his efforts was a "nice try, Grapho!"... !!! Don't people look at prims anymore? It is how I do all my shopping - by looking at prims! So, what is going on here, I wonder?
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Truthseeker strikes again!

I am really in over my head! Doing too much all at once, for one thing. I am doing Burning Life. I am writing a book chapter for an academic publication which I am supposed to submit for review by the 12th. But, the one that totally terrifies me is this next one coming right up: Solbedoz Janus is a senior designer at Bell Labs as well as being a hardcore SL resident. He contacted me a while ago and asked me to participate in an event, to which back then I merrily said yes!?! !!! Yes??? As in yesss??? I really do need to get my head examined over here, don't I?
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The Who (again!) and Queen

Students can be such demanding little critters...

For some unknown reason the nosey parkers are still snooping around in my blog it seems - and this despite my strictest instructions to the contrary! I thought that I had made myself abundantly clear more than a year ago when I pointed them in the direction of the great urban outdoors, of which there really is no lack of at all in this city; rather than sitting at home perched behind their screens reading the ramblings of their boring old instructors!
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My Pantheon

I have been thinking about The Beatles. Small wonder, since I have been listening to them pretty much on a loop during my entire trip last week.
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Confronting bogeymen...

Recently I have made two things. And I am realizing that with both of them I am actually confronting fears or in the case of one of them, if not fear itself a very strong repulsion.
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The avatars of alpha.tribe

 Something I was going to add the other night and then forgot to do. Or rather, I could have done so obviously, even after posting the thing but then chose not to after all. This seems significant enough for a separate entry: My alts.
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The chore to end all chores...

I have decided to embark on an absolutely dreaded task - yet again, I might add: Inventory cleanup! However, this time around not only cleanup but also organization and creating some kind of a system to easily identify what I have and where I may find it... A dire necessity at this stage since I am at the point where I am running around in the same pair of cruddy old jeans and t-shirt, not to mention the same old moth-eaten ears and tail, simply because I have so much stuff that I no longer know what I have, where it is or what it looks like.

I am two things: A hardcore builder and a hardcore shopper. So, inevitably I have a lot of stuff which I hang on to because I assume that it will come in handy at some point when I am constructing something. And then I buy other peoples output like it's going out of style: I love the stuff that so many of my fellow designers churn out and so I am keeping an archive of Second Life design output. Anything from hair to avatar attachments to clothes to cars and hoverpods and spaceship. These last I am not even remotely skilled at manipulating, but no matter, I get them anyway.

I have this idea that SL design is a hugely important endeavor which will have considerable ramifications on design output as well as design theory in the future, affecting the design of RL objects and even more importantly the underlying design strategies: I do believe the effects are already felt in fashion design but I am fairly certain that the fundamental tenet of SL design, which, as far as I can make out, is "playful creativity" will find its way into core design strategies regardless of what the thing to be designed may turn out to be.

So, it is isn't (only) blatant, unabashed, shameless, in-your-face consumerism when I rush out and purchase every conceivable object rezzed under the virtual sun, I really do have a professional interest here.

But interest, shminterest - I am stuck here with an inventory that is pretty much unmanageable. The funny thing is this: It turns out that I do not even have that much! I consulted Truthseeker on this little matter, wanted to know how many items were in his/her inventory which led to a general discussion during which I was informed that there were people out there with as many as 30000 items to their name! Me? I only have around 7000? And I am groaning under what I have? What do those people do for goodness sakes!? What do I do? Unless I really like something or think it will be really useful I have no compunction whatsoever at tossing it out on its virtual ear. Regardless of who gave it to me, I might add. I toss most (if not indeed all) notecards after I have read them, keep all LM's in one notecard, do not collect calling cards (I have never understood their purpose or significance anyway?!) and I do periodically stow not-totally-unwanted stuff in boxes which I keep as meta folders so to speak...

Spoke to soon didn't I, back then when I called old Xia anal-retentive? But! I am so going to be teaching her highness how it is really done! I had followed up on Ravenelle's advice on one of her flickr posts about putting an image of the outfit into the folder for easy recall as to what the thing actually looks like. However, it seems to end up taking too long to render the image when one is actually in SL and extremely impatient to see it. And also, in my case, this seems to be a bit of a wasted effort since I usually cannot remember what a particular item was called to begin with and am thus stuck finding the image to look at. So, I have decided to develop this new system based upon spreadsheets (I am not a designer for nothing you know? They teach us this sort of stuff!) which will actually reside in my harddrive where I can access it with an image viewer. So, each spread contains thumbnails/names of the contents of a particular folder and also each spread is exactly 1920x1200 pixels, which is my screen resolution, so I can see the whole thing all at once. Naturally, it will go without saying that not all of the contents of a particular folder will fit into one spread, in which case there will be several named ...01, ...02, etc.

I have started where attention is the most needed: My hair. This is the partial content of my so called "object hair" folder, by which I mean hair which has some kind of an object embedded into it. I am packing away the ones that I am not quite ready to toss yet, but do not like so terribly much and everything that stays immediately accessible gets photographed and named. Once the object hair is cleared up, I will be proceeding to mohawks and so forth... And then to avatar attachments, of which I have tons - the ears and tails alone probably add up to gigabytes! And, needless to say, one does live in total dread of the boots folder(s)...

teeee heeee...

And once I am done in SL, I may even go and tackle my RL closet... Hmmmm, there's a thought... Would spreadsheets help there as well, I wonder?
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The Hong Kong Booty

I must say that I seem to have been remarkably reasonable in what I ended up accumulating on this trip: One reason for that is, of course, the fact that fitting into Chinese clothes would entail a lifetime of starvation and even then would probably not really work - the women here are absolutely tiny! Well yes, of course there are plenty of things for western monsters such as myself as well, but who needs those klutzy things? The outfits that I did like were diminutive...

Two bags: One a silver and black panda with extra long straps so that it can be slung over the shoulder and this utterly amazing grey porcupine thing on the upper right, where I think even the whackiest of neko designers would be hard pushed to come up with something crazier. This one is actually a backpack, which is just as good since I hardly ever use any other kind of bag anyway. 3 t-shirts: 2 Disney t-shirts (and yes, before anyone asks, of course I will be wearing them! What do you think?!?) and one Bruce Lee t-shirt! Love this one! It is huge, so one could even almost wear it as a dress. A belt, which to be honest is nothing too special, I could probably have gotten it back home as well, however it does have a very nice frayed texture - so? Why not? Two "bendy/twisty" segmented metal (sort of reptily) necklaces, which are great! A "white sheep" (as opposed to a "black sheep" (hhh) tie, which I originally bought for my brother in law, but I think I am going to hold onto it in the end since it really is very funny and I might wear it somehow. And then finally 2 pairs of chinese slippers/shoes and one pair of knit boots.

And that is really and truly it!

So yes, I have indeed been a statue of self restraint and am actually returning with a more or less half empty suitcase! Totally remarkable!

Hong Kong: new faces, new insights

I am sure every idiot takes this photo from their hotel window, but no matter. Who says I am no idiot anyway?

I love the place! This despite my having the mother of all jetlags. God knows I travel enough long distances and I should know better. Melatonin makes me queasy so I decided not to take any on this trip and see if I could get to sleep by myself. Result: 2 nights of complete sleep deprivation. Last night I did finally manage to sleep, but woke up this morning with a sore throat and a bad headache. So, although there is a really interesting workshop on meaningful media today, organized by newly met colleague Gino Yu, from the Hong Kong Polytech University here, I have decided to stay in my room. I have my paper presentation at the actual TSC conference tomorrow and I need my wits about me - unlike yesterday (I am ashamed to admit), when I was at a one day conference on Social Approaches to Consciousness to which I had been invited by Charles Whitehead to make a presentation. I was completely out of it from fatigue; in fact, at one point it was so bad that I dozed off altogether. Yet even so, I heard some great stuff:

For one thing the presentation by Charles Whitehead himself on anthropological neuroscience. Nevia Dolcini, a psychologist from Italy (with whom I hit it off immediately over a stolen cigarette during one of the breaks :-), spoke on whether the recognition of the "other mind" was innate. Another really great one by Etzel Cardena on emotion and consciousness and also one by David Craik on cultural distortions of the "self" - some good insights into the shape shifter syndrome there. A paper by Robin Zebrowski on Cog, the MIT robot and Merleau-Ponty and then my favorite at the very end by Imants Barušs, in which he discussed the implications of a scientific study (survey) he had conducted on the meanings of the term consciousness, revealing a correlation between IQ levels and how a person's world view is defined on a scale from materialistic to transcendental values. Seems that the more a person is open to spiritual definitions the more curious and inquisitve/open to experience they seem to be and apparently also their IQ is ever so slightly higher. Not only did I like the contents of his talk but also the delivery of it, which was tongue-in-cheek, funny and mischievous. And indeed, when I got back to my room last night and rushed over to the TSC Ning to befriend all of these lovely new people I was extremely gratified to discover that Dr. Barušs is very kindly introducing us to his "lab-animals" on his photo feed there: A teddy bear, a floppy dog and Peter Rabbit! And then, David Craik also seems to be quite a pro at the game of playful hilarity, when he ended his already brilliant talk with the strict little homily to not to forget for even a nano second that we were nothing but a bunch of uppity apes pretending to be situated above our actual humble primate station in life, painfully apparent nonetheless underneath all our aquired paraphernalia of "culture". Wonderful!

And then, somewhere in there I stumbled through my own presentation on alpha.tribe and multiple creative identities and was gratified to see that they all seemed to think it was ok. In a gaggle of scientists I was not laughed off the lectern at least... Charles Whitehead even patted me on the back! Felt fabulous, I have to say!

I love these kinds of conferences, where one gets exposed to the output of professions like anthropology and psychology; other points of view, other approaches, giving one new insights and inspirations. I was in Tucson in 2006 at the TSC conference, where I presented a poster together with Yacov. And then I absolutely loved the CC07 conference of course - I hope to God I get in this year also...

So, yes, I am very pleased to be here. I grumble to no end before I leave on any trip and more often than not, unfortunately, I hate the whole thing from one end to the other - can't wait to get back home. So far Hong Kong and TSC isn't materializing as one of those experiences. A lot of it does have to do with the contents of the event for which I am here and the city which is the background to the conference is wonderful! Not that I have seen a whole lot of it, mind you. Just a small walk in Kowloon where my hotel is and then the view from my window. But one does get a feel for a place, and this place feels good. My university has an exchange program with HK Polytech and if they ever want me to come over and do something here I will be on the first plane out. In fact, I will try to pick up the nerve and come straight out and ask Gino Yu at some point if he would like me to give a workshop on SL or something like that.

Meanwhile, my old student Sertaç and his wife Melike who live here will be taking me sightseeing later today, so now I need to rest a bit before I set out since despite all positive feelings, I still feel pretty lousy physically...

This totally rockzzzz!

Good job I have the outfit to do justice to the occasion! Made it myself and everything! Even my tail is a perfect match...
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I may just have met my match over here!

Yup! She will most probably be giving me a good run for my money this one...

Pumpkin Tripsa made these really beautiful sculpty avatar parts, from which you can create your own posed avatars. Unfortunately they do not come with texture maps - (which I honestly think they should have done, considering what I have had to pay for them you know?!?)...

Anyway... I want to make some nice old-fashioned, wholesome avatar soup of mixed up body parts, but before I can do that I need to texture the little critters don't I? So, I made this - ahem - very efficient little grid thingy in photoshop which I mapped onto the lady's torso and head and...


I am old enough to know what calamity looks like when I see it coming people. And this right here is a calamity if ever there was one: Days, if not indeed weeks, of really hard graft!
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Grapho's Face

I took photographs of the outfit, Natural Things, v.01, which Grapho has designed, to upload onto Flickr today. And I noticed something quite bewildering: Grapho looks like my father. Well, not my father, as I knew him, obviously. But, as he was as a young man, to judge by the many photographs of his youth that I have seen over the years.

What is bewildering is that I did not notice this during all these past days where I have been Grapho in SL, sometimes 6-7 hours a day, hammering away at the outfit. Maybe I was too busy working , maybe it is the light in there - but the truth of the matter is that I only noticed it when I opened the photos in photoshop to crop them.

Grapho has been working on his appearance quite a bit of late, so we have been popping open the appearance editor every so often. Another thing is that in order to be able to design garments for women, Grapho also had to create a female shape to try them on. This latest manifestation of his is largely the result of my switching back and forth between the sexes, with that radio button down there, trying to create a truly androgynous avatar for the sole purpose of photographing some of the clothes with that. I thought it might be nice to have that ambiguous look for the unisex outfits, as this latest one has turned out to be.  Anyway, at some point in all of that experimentation I sort of liked what happened to Grapho and decided to save the shape as the new Grapho shape.

So, what resistant part of my psyche did not notice that what I had saved was actually a fairly close representation of my own father?

And it is also somehow significant that this all happened while I was switching back and forth between male and female, since the shape that I started out with was the default Alpha shape (who is a more or less plausible lookalike of me in RL). The one that I saved for Grapho was not the immediate mutation that SL gave me of course - that one was rather hideous. I continued to play with that for a very long time, switched back and forth between the sexes with that one as well, even saved some of the interim stages. But, when all is said and done, this male shape is a vastly mutated and transformed regeneration of Alpha. Generations away - but still.

And... my father did look like me.
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Feeling guilty!

Basically I am having a whale of a time furnishing the shop. I have decided to give my old clothes (I mean the ones that I had designed in my newbie days, of course - not my personal old clothes!!! hhh) an airing too and have been photographing them and rezing them on the small platform across the tracks. Aaaah yes! We have the subway there you see... Anyway, I am going to be selling the "old" clothes at vastly discounted prices. Considered dollarbies for a second but then upped up the price a bit. I mean they are perfectly ok, just not appropriate to what we are working on at the moment. In fact I put some on and they don't look at all bad with my tail. Why on earth did I not wear them I wonder?

Oh and today I also rezed a piano. It is a clutzy old freebie - only 16 prims - and I had to really re-work it. Changed all the proportions and everything and even added a prim here and there. And then a bit of spit and polish - and off I was. I have to say they have really extended the sheet music collection at Xstreet SL and I found something really wonderful to play... Nope - won't say what it is!

So that was all of the good news. Here's the bad news then: I am feeling dreadfully guilty about having such a good time playing doll's shop! What the hell is wrong with me? I keep getting this nasty feeling that I should be elseways engaged. Doing something "serious". Now, admittedly, there are a few things that I am procrastinating upon - like the metaverse journal and establishing all of the contacts and bla bla for that. And I want to submit something to the Siggraph art gallery which Grapho is supposed to be working on. I still have almost a month for that one but...

But anyway!!! Where is all this bloody guilt coming from I would really like to know? I am more horrified about my feeling guilty than whatever it is that I am feeling guilty of.

I am playing! And why should I have to justify that to anyone, starting with myself! It was perfectly ok to play before  - so what exactly is it that has changed now? Could it be because I am setting up a shop? Guilty about potential avariciousness or something? Afraid of turning into some kind of a rapacious businesswoman? I have no idea, I really and truly don't. All I know is that I am feeling bloody guilty about... What?


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My many designer person(a)s

Once the alts start interacting within a parameter, such as a joint design venture, it really all starts to happen. No longer are they lost and disjointed entities wandering the grid but suddenly they are, in fact, the diverse parts of me. They now have to learn to live with one another, they have to make up some kind of a psychic Gestalt, whilst still retaining their identities. And what better opportunity than whilst they are engaged in design work, given that they are all parts of a designer to begin with?
One good example would be the actual shop itself: I initially designed it very much along my usual lines - dark shiny surfaces, sort of Syncretia stuff really... It is what comes naturally to me - or should I say the Alpha part of me? Who is, of course, the predominant partner here, the one very much in control. Stuck in her ways with all of that. Tenacious and obstinate!

So along comes Xia, and after hanging out there for a day or so, she starts putting down huge red flowers all over the place. Now, I, Alpha, have yet to put down a huge red flower anywhere - Real or Second Life! And yet... What are all those bright colored Asian shawls that I tirelessly buy and never ever wear, all in aid of then?

Only Xia and I have been designing so far and we are in fact wearing our own outfits in the photo above. Furry and Grapho are still waiting for their turn. Furry's output I am really looking forward to. I was intending to design full Furry avatars but I am now beginning to wonder about that. Working with sculpties, which full Furry avatars really do need, is unbelievably difficult and I have a horrible feeling that my building skills are nowhere near being up to that level. So, what I think Furry will do is design garments and attachments around other designer's Furry avatars, such as the wolves of Leben Schnabel, and then put landmarks of the stores into the purchase box. At least initially, this is how I think it will have to go. And later we will see.

And Grapho? He is wearing more or less normal garb here but actually he has some strange ideas also. Such as designing a biological avatar.

And Xia? Well, she is sticking to the floral theme, as you can see here. She has worked for almost a full week on this one and she has called it "Bonsoir Monsieur Labisse" - after a French surrealist painter whom my mother liked a great deal and who painted women not clad in flowers like Xia did with her skin here but the faces are similar somehow. Well my mother liked him - I, Alpha, cannot stand the guy's paintings. And yet, here is Xia, paying tribute to a painter whom Alpha does not care for at all? How weird is that? But then (thankfully) she has another one in the works and this one she wants to base on Rousseau, who is a favorite of mine as well. So, again, if I am such a dark/shiny surfaces person how come I love Rousseau? Ah... But Rousseau is dark too isn't he? Don't let all of that foliage fool you for a nano second... And so, of course, is Labisse.

So, one way or another I can see one undercurrent of me both in her and myself (Alpha) - but two very different ways in which it materializes. One is the one I already know, that I have worked with all of my life - "my style", if you will. The other one is as yet unfamiliar to me. Highly so, in fact.
Yes, this is beginning to become a very bizarre journey indeed. And a good one too, I think.
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This is quite a steep learning curve...

I am now up to my eyeballs in designing outfits for alpha.tribe. And it is really not very easy.

The skins are based upon a template, so thanks to the generosity of Eloh Eliot, that part has been OK up until now. (I do have a project in the works though, where I believe I will really be up against the wall with the skin layer as well :-\). The Eliot skins have beautifully detailed features as well as subtle shadows and highlights, onto which I have been superimposing my own tattoos. And then I play around with the make-up colors and the skin color and Bob's your uncle pretty much.

When it comes to the garments it is a different proposition altogether. Needless to say, I have been educated through enraptured observation of the output of the likes of June Dion; the mistress of the perfect hem and seam, the utterly aligned texture, where everything is wonderfully crisp and sharp, the colors well defined, the shadows and highlights perfect. Of course I am not presumptuous enough to aspire to that level of quality - at least not without months of hard graft. But I do want to have a modicum of the finesse, which the high caliber clothes designers of SL display in their work, in mine as well.

So, I keep wandering back and forth between AvPainter, Photoshop, and Second Life trying out and trying out and trying out. And I hate to admit this but nothing that I have made so far even comes close to the quality that I would ultimately like to see in my clothes as well. It isn't about ideas here, those I have. It is entirely about craftsmanship.

Point in case: This one here. From a distance it looks more or less acceptable I suppose. Now zoom in. What do you see? Very bad distortion on the upper ends of the boots for one thing. How do the "pros" get this to work I wonder? Where their textures do not become distorted upon the avatar's geometry? Second boo boo? Well, the texture on the prim collar is way too small in comparison to what is right next to it. I did fix that after I saw it in this photo though... Next? Well, the texture on the inner side of the skirt segments is not aligning to the hem, is it? It is off by just a tad, but that was certainly enough to make me run back in and re-align it. I am thankful to be able to say it is now aligned. Phew... So, some of the errors I could fix but the boot tops keep me befuddled still...

And yes. While we are speaking of boots:

These are all perm boots which I purchased at XStreet-SL. The actual designer is called SusieQ Inglewood. So, all I did was add the "spurs" and re-texture them. I think it took me the better part of a day to get this far and looking at them I can see that I still have a ways to go... Big time. I guess if I had had a solid texture it would have been easier, but the ensemble calls for a pattern.

Although it does frustrate me I am enjoying the learning process. I have never really worked with anything this highly detailed before. And it feels really really good to be challenged. To acquire a new skill. More than a skill really - an attribute. Patience, I believe it is called...
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as alpha.tribe slowly comes into being...

And what a collaboration this promises to be folks!

The good news is that I seem to be finally coming out of the creative slump - and about time too! The bad news is that Furry, Xia and Grapho are pissed off with me because I have sort of pushed them to the side and gone straight ahead with making my own stuff. We have agreed amongst ourselves that I will be designing "ominous" stuff, Grapho will be responsible for the men's line (which may turn out to be somewhat ominous as well - I did catch him snooping around an all perms gas mask that he was thinking of downloading from SL-Exchange - cost a bloody fortune it did too!). Furry will be designing stuff for Furries - predictably enough you might say, but then of course you don't know Furry. She is very heavily into black lace. Lola Montez is as nothing to her and she has been making some pretty bizarre amalgamations with the things she has purchased already, I have to say. And, last but not least, Xia will be going for the more floral, feminine sort of apparel. But I told her one Laura Ashley lookalike thingy and I am going straight over to the Lindens and closing your account. Just one puff sleeve or bow, or anything else even vaguely reminiscent of any girly-cutsey nonsense and that oh so gorgeous derriere of hers is toast! I mean, I do have a reputation to live up to, don't I? But then again, she may yet surprise me: She has been known to come up with some pretty bizarre combinations before, putting together spiky arm braces and tulle ballet tutus... So, in that department too - at least for now, one tries to live in hope.

I do not have any pretensions as to only creating outfits that cannot be made in RL: Tattoo artists here in Istanbul are absolute wizards. I see tattoos on the street that blow my socks off - and yes, even on people's skulls! And basically tattoos, at least for now, seem to be my main premise. I want to do what I enjoy doing the most, which is designing stuff - and not paint myself into a corner with resolutions... But I may do some truly NPIRL stuff nonetheless: Like re-creating the Syncretia power plant as a wearable. Or maybe a jellyfish skirt? This last one I have even sort of started to work on...

So, will these be for sale? You betcha! The skins I will be giving away for free in separate boxes, in respect to Eloh Eliot - whom I consider to be the actual creator - not me with my piddly little additions over here. I will be charging 1L$ for them just so that I know how many people are actually buying them. But the outfits I will be charging appropriate amounts for, if for no other reason than that the upload fee does add up terribly. No matter how many times you double check with AvPainter (and what an application that is!), and no matter how much you do of whatever it is that one does in these types of situations, you still end up noticing misaligned things hours if not sometimes days later...

The shop has been set up but isn't completely done yet and also I want to get these 3 clowns (Xia, Grapho and Furry) to put some of their stuff there as well before I go and start giving out slurls and things. And no, the shop is not at Syncretia, which as an educational island is strictly not to be used for commercial purposes but someplace else entirely. Big secret for now... hhh ;-)