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Cutea Benelli's Shoes

I have to admit that I have let my SL shopping lapse somewhat since things have gotten so busy with alpha.tribe. A state of affairs which needs to be remedied ASAP! What I was doing before, and should really continue to do so, was creating a collection of noteworthy SL design artifacts. Which is of course an endless undertaking, given how much of it there is out there...

Painting Syncretia

Naxos Loon gave me a landmark yesterday. I have yet to receive something from him which has not turned out to be some spectacular find or other (and particularly of the hilariously funny kind), so this evening I made my way over there. I am not a good SL traveler, in fact I am no traveler at all. But, when Naxos tells me to go someplace, I usually go. And am I glad I did so in this case!
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Artistic Oxymorons

... and Tautologies!

I have been giving some thought to these of late. I found a gem of a one the other day, but I am saving that one for later. And if I continue to find some more, who knows, I may even start a weekly rubric called "Artistic Oxymorons and Tautologies by Alpha Auer" right here on this semi-dead blog. Neat, huh? Pump some action into this place!
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de stijl

I wished to make something starkly, absurdly geometric and see whether it could in fact result in a garment – one that people would actually wear, that is…
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Bob Dorough

If you talk about a musician who is special to you, are you (in the end) (again!) talking about yourself? Well, yes. I suppose you are. But, no matter - I do want to talk about Bob Dorough, for whose music I placed a big order at Amazon last week. Apparently they manufacture one of the items I wanted only on demand, so I am still waiting for the whole shipment to arrive; but this is my Syncretismas gift to myself this year. You can listen to the samples if you are not familiar with the man's music here.