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The crazy cat lady parlor

A while ago Eupalinos Ugajin gave me the sofa as a gift. And I was so delighted that I immediately rushed out to get the matching arm chair and put together a special parlor for cat lovers on the island.
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The Hextraordinary Cat

Naxos gave me a wonderful gift. Just look at this little guy! And when I walk he walks right along with me. When I stop he immediately plops himself down and sometimes he swishes his tail. Not the upcoming animesh, the creator made the animations by using instances and transparencies.
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I have decided to build a playground

From the sky tower city, which I am leaving alone for now, I have moved to ground level to put together an amusement park of sorts. Ferris Wheel, carousel, bumper cars, some rides and a shooting gallery. Or rather a grab-a-duck gallery - no killing on my land - you just get to grab a duck and if you catch it the kiosk will give you a gift.
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First trial - building towers

I have started at a sky level. The idea is to build another "city," but one that is quite different from Blueprint City where the whole idea was to use only cubes, rectangles and cylinders that were covered in textures that distracted from their being nothing but basic geometric prims. With this one I am actually using quite complex elements out of which I construct towers that are combined with flora, specifically trees.
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But, it isn't just the gold

I am finding it quite hard to rebuild the island. Nothing seems to work quite how I want it to. And the truth of the matter is that the island that I built 3 years ago is probably the best thing I have ever made in Second Life and it is quite hard to even try to get close to that. Gold or no gold, the place had a mood. And it told a tale. Which is quite a hard thing to pull off - as I am finding out, trying to set up another "mood" now.
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While transferring the blog...

I encountered myself from years ago. There is even a photo that Lanfranco took in Singapore in 2008 where I look not just 10 years, but 20 years younger than my current age of 65.