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Scrounging around for minimalist stuff

I am still preoccupied with my building stuff in SL. How to improve on it, how to bring myself up to scratch. The complex mesh stuff is really not for me. So, maybe taking the minimalist route I was talking about before is a good idea. But how? Same as before? I think not.
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Going back to minimal?

While I was putting together images for the new ShapeShifter 2012 site I re-rezzed some of the stuff that was on that sim in order to photograph it  (yes, don't ask - I was inexperienced and silly enough not to have made an OAR). And I remembered that I really liked what I had done back then.

I am not sure if this stuff was as popular with visitors as the more 'storyworld' type of stuff that I also do. I am fairly certain that when this stuff was rezzed at alpha.tribe there were not too many photos of it on Flickr, which is always a good indicator as to how much people like what you make.

Does that matter? Well yes, of course it does. I want others to come and enjoy my sims, tell their friends, come back to play some more.

But, I do want to make more minimal things. Because I really like them. Truth be told, I like them much better than the storyworlds. So, could there be a way to combine these two really different approaches?
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The Symmetry book

Thinking of things I could do next, I keep coming back to graphic design. I made these pages a year ago for a project that was later published as an insert in a Turkish art magazine. We did not use this set but something else entirely. But, I liked these. More so than what the curator actually decided to go with. So, I sometimes look at them.

I have been sitting right here on the sofa, listening...

... to progressive commentators. For almost 3 years now. Turkish progressives. British progressives. And especially American progressives. Real ones. Not a bunch of mealy mouthed faux-liberals and such.
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The Miro Sphere

I had forgotten about this. It was a self contained environment inside a sphere filled with 3D objects that were inspired by Joan Miro's critters. I made this 4 or 5 years ago and the objects were in fact mesh. Made in photoshop where I could be intuitive, by which I mean following what coincidences or even accidents give me. And back then they gave me these guyz. Could I reproduce them or make something similar today? Probably not.
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So - what next?

During these past few years that I was away from virtual worlds, it wasn't just making things in virtual worlds that I lost interest in. I lost interest in making things - period.* What has been happening recently however is that my appetite for making things has been coming back with a vengeance.
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Self Evaluation in SL

The new island is more or less done. It looks OK, but it is nothing like what I achieved with Fool's Gold in 2015. The dark sky level is probably the best part visually speaking, and the ground level seems to work, if not entirely from a design point of view (lots of flaws that I see but can't figure out how to fix), then in terms of being a weird little playground.
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Arcadia's avatars...

As I wrote before I have used Arcadia Asylum's prims for many builds. Fool's Gold, the best sim I think I ever built was made almost entirely out of them, and this new one has quite a few as well. I am a big believer in remediation, in reworking and modifying things to make my own stuff. Not to make everything from scratch but to build upon the foundations that others have set for me. Which is actually called Produsage, and I have even written academic papers on it.
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Midnight Wastes

I have gone back up to the towers that I had started to build a few weeks ago. But, like most of what I do, things did not go quite as planned and I ended up adding things that I had not thought of when I was first thinking about this level.