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Indulging my graphic designer's heart

Sitting at home, not going out much - if at all - I am busy making visual identities. First I did the companion species thing, which is actually 4 identities rolled into one. I had a blast doing that one. That project was so absurdly playful that I could go ballistic.

The old scientific stuff

I had to create a new tumblr site. Yes, had to, not wanted to. And floundering around in my hard drives for what to put in the damn thing I came across all these old charts and diagrams and powerpoint presentation slides that I had made, especially during the PhD years. And some of it surprised me. It ain't half bad... And then I also seem to have made some stuff along those lines for fun. So, that is what will now go into this new tumblr site that has been forced upon me.

Companion Species

The term "Companion Species" was coined by Donna Haraway who examined a very particular relationship between human beings and animals - specifically domesticated animals. A relationship, which according to Haraway, is built on a "significant otherness."