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Stick a pin in these, aka. my little laundry list

This is a feed of information and analysis with regards to the current outbreak of covid 19. The feed goes against and questions the prevailing consensus and I am putting it together solely out of what I garner from legitimate sources that are checkable. 

I don't really know how to put a title to this post

This time next year - if it turns out that this is indeed a massive pandemic that in the meantime has killed tens or even hundreds of millions, as they are now predicting, I will be humbled and apologize. And I will take all of the ridicule and abuse that this entails. But, more importantly, I will go in front of the mirror and take a long hard look at myself. I will confront my life-long mind-state of inherently questioning not only everything that comes out of any "authority"s mouth, but also of anything that any given body of people around me subscribe to. Because that is how my mind works: If everyone says something I do not join. Categorically so, regardless of what it may be, I do not and have never in my entire life, trusted public opinion. Or authority.

Who Benefits?

A few hours after I made that post yesterday, about half of which asks the question "who benefits" to which I myself cannot find the answer, I came across this video.

I am more scared than I have ever been

And I am alone in my fear.

Blogger is now putting page views right next to the posts on the dashboard, so one doesn't have to go to a stats page to see if anyone is viewing the blog. No one seems to, literally not a single person, so I can probably start looking at this thing as a private diary. Which is good. Because I do need to talk about this stuff, to articulate it, bring it outside my head where it is just running in circles or rather downward plunging spirals. I need to create some kind of mental order before I lose my mind. Which, I think I am in the process of doing actually. Writing it out (in lieu of talking about it) may help slow this. It won't stop it  - I am too frightened for my mind-state to go back to any sort of rationality any time soon.

March 2020 - Naxos made me write this...

I have not written anything on this blog for a long time. I could say it was because nothing terribly interesting was happening and that I was sort of vegetating. Not true. There have been events, especially the military operations that my country undertook in Syria last Fall and Winter that had me beside myself. Back then I made some videos that I shared on FB, but I did not feel up to writing about it here.