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Sorry, but do you even speak the language?

I had this exchange with a Western European (I think he is British, but could be some other Western European country as well, or indeed the USA, Canada...  it happened in SL where nationalities are very hard to discern) who told me things about Turkey. Very self assured. Very sure in what he knew. Self-evident truths for him. Not the slightest hesitation. He knew. 

Well, let me sum it up: According to this person one should not confuse malice with incompetence. So what had happened in Western countries during the whole "outbreak" fiasco was incompetence, whereas what had happened here in Turkey (he also added Brazil and İndia as examples btw) had happened out of malice

Incompetence? Wow! Really? I have this long page on my website which is a documentation of the past year. He may just benefit from reading what's there and also he may want to watch all those evidentiary videos I have put there. Only 25 on the page itself. Hundreds more are on external drives here. Got to be so many in fact that at some point I stopped collecting them. I started compiling that page last June. Almost a year ago. I still keep adding to it because nothing has changed at all. Only gotten worse, if anything. 

So, only incompetence, huh?

Now onto malice: We have had considerably less deaths per capita here than in most Western countries. Why? We don't have nursing homes in this country. That's why. It is not part of the culture. Old people live with their families. The health system never closed down to non-covid patients. Not even for a day. No one has had to wait for their chemotherapies or their heart surgeries or even their regular checkups. And also... But wait! Wait! What am I even doing giving long winded explanations here?

Here's what to ask instead - how does he know that exactly? About the malice?

Does he know Turkish? Enough to read the Turkish newspapers? Hang out on Turkish social media? Watch Turkish TV? Seek out independent Turkish platforms online? Scrounge around in Turkish databases? Look at official Turkish stats? Unofficial Turkish stats? Does he know where Turkish dissidents hang out? Has he spoken to any of them - in their own language (since most will not be likely to know his)? 

So - where does this smug knowledge come from? Same for Brazil, same for India, of course. The BBC? The Guardian? Or some counterpart thereof? Oh dear... My advice would be to put the words "Obsculta" and "BBC" into the search bar. Here's what will probably come up - although it might not any longer, google may well be blocking that search nowadays. So, let me put it in here just in case:

This huge relief is on the wall of the BBC headquarters in London. Been there since 1933. Do you see what is written across the book pages that the angel is holding? "Obsculta." And what does Obsculta mean? It means "Listen and Obey." 

They are telling us... They have always told us.

All of which finally brings me to the title of this post: You cannot know even the first things about anywhere unless you know the language and find out for yourself. No ""trusted sources", in other words. What you think you know through them, where other lands are concerned - that is, at best, just hearsay. At best that, and more likely to be stuff that goes under a far less innocent rubric. Starts with a "P"... 

Does this make me smug now? What I said about the necessity for knowing their languages when it comes to having even the slightest inkling as to what is really going on in "other" places in the world? Well yes, I'm afraid it does a bit. Because you see, I am trilingual. German, Turkish, English. Equally. So yes, I can say I know some things about the countries where these languages are spoken. I can follow them in their own languages and I do. It isn't hearsay. I hear what they say with my own ears. No one has to translate for me. 

I can't say I know anything about Brazil or India. But I can say I know something about what is going on in Germany and in the UK right now - and I have not been elucidated from just watching the BBC or die Deutsche Welle either, I have all sorts of resources that I regularly follow and then I keep on digging further from those until I find the primary sources. Didn't do that PhD for nothing after all. I can do research. And what I find ain't good at all. 

Because that is the ultimate irony you see. What this person obviously doesn't know is this: The citizens of countries like Turkey, countries that are a bit more "peripheral", a bit more "unimportant" - right now they aren't feeling the jackboot on their necks quite as much as the citizens of the "important" countries are. Those have to be brought to heel first. Their citizens have to be depleted of their rights and their properties first. And boy, are they ever... It breaks my heart to watch what is happening in Germany. School children being force tested - that is probably the worst. Judges being harangued for decisions they took that the State didn't like. No one even knows the scale of the devastation to the small shops and enterprises. One estimate is one million closures. Police brutality. Really bad police brutality actually. 

But am I going to get smug about this now? Like this guy did with me last night? Because it isn't quite so bad here, yet? Of course not. The jackboot is universal. There are no longer separate countries. For "the cats" it makes no difference. They are merely working from the center outward. Very methodically. That is all it is. Our turn will come very soon. In fact it has already come. The past couple of months things have been getting tighter here as well. First full lockdown here now. All small shops are closed for 2 weeks. Started last week. And this is the first time that that has happened here. So, obviously we are due for our comeuppance as well now. How could it be any different?

This exchange last night - it wasn't good. Not because of what he said about my country. Jeez - I have heard worse. It wasn't good because unfortunately it is yet another indicator of how bad the situation is. Of how far the fat lady is from singing. As long as there are people in the world who can still make classifications such as "good countries / bad countries", even at this horrifying juncture, there is no way that she can, can she? From Canada to Kenya, from Chile to Malaysia. It is one big clamp down that knows no nations, no cultures, no nothing. If people can't see even that?

If all people everywhere still cannot see that their fate is now identical and totally intertwined to all people elsewhere in the World, what hope can there ever be? Unless they stop it with all this deluded conceit? All this misplaced smugness. Step off of their lofty little perches? 1st World, 2nd World, 3rd World - all the same World now. Which I don't see them acknowledging any time soon, unfortunately. 

There isn't any hope. Already knew that of course. Just another sad little validation. 

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FutureScape? BlahScape more like...

This thing - it is so ugly, so badly designed, so without any awareness of visual impact or drama or creativity that I do not even want to show pictures of it because they will sully the overall appearance of my blog. And I do pay some attention to that appearance. But, obviously I have to show what it looks like in order to be able to talk about it.  

Just look at that grass! Those trees! The vehicles! The textures on all the buildings - like badly fitting clothes! Those humanoids - one cannot really call those things people can one? Look at that typography! Or whatever that is! 

Just look at this completely flattened out roadkill of a visual disaster! 

This piece of incompetence (really, as a designer I do not even know what other name to call it by) has been concocted by Chatham House. Which, in case you don't know, professes itself to be the British counterpart to the CFR. Although smarter people than me have long identified that actually Chatham House is the older of the two institutions, that the CFR is only an offshoot of it. But either way this is a think tank that stands right at the heart of operation global control; a think tank with tremendous influence, resources, backing, clout. They say "jump" and politicians the world over ask "how high", basically. They are among the handful who run the world. 

And this - this!?! - is the best that they can do? This flat, insipid, badly designed, badly implemented piece of visual kaka? This is the level of the staff that they have for something like this? Or maybe they took this to an outside agency. The people who did this - they are the best that they could find? With their resources? And do they not have eyes in their heads to see how absolutely pitiful this product is? 

And it isn't just the visuality of it that I am talking about either. The content, the "story" that it tells - the banality of it! The childishness! Or hold it - not childish, there might have been some glimmer of creativity if it had been childish. It is pubescent! That reek of inept propaganda. How badly it is written. The flatness. Flat visuals (quite a feat to pull that off in what is supposed to be a 3D presentation, but they have managed to do so nevertheless!) but then the flatness of what those visuals are supposed to represent. The "tale into the future" that reads like a really bad toothpaste commercial text. Or something of that order. 

Not even a shred of creativity. None. 

People have commented that they find this thing scary because in this vision of a future world there don't seem to be a lot of people around. I mean yes, this is supposed to be Piccadilly Circus and there are maybe 50 people shuffling about in total. But, I don't think anyone needs to worry about subliminal depopulation messages and such. I have a far more realistic explanation: This is so sparsely populated because the person who made this was too inept put in more people. Too inept or too lazy. Probably both. I know a thing or two about 3D environments, and I know populating them takes more than what this sorry excuse for a 3D designer has. Considerably more.

What is scary is the quality of this. These are the people sitting in cigar smoke filled back rooms plotting out humanity's future. And this is their level of finesse, of imagination, of creativity? 

And what is even more scary is the absolute disdain that they have for their audience. They probably know full well how pitiful this thing is. What I think really happened here is that they probably spent very little on this. In fact they probably spent nothing on it at all. Had some privileged kids (aka. interns) with rudimentary computer skills cobble it together, aided by some liberal arts sophomore who is the niece of some globalist muck-a muck who needed to have something to do, so someone probably said, "oh Mitzi can write all the texts". Somehow I am quite certain that this is how this came together. The result shows that so clearly.

But then they went and published this! And that is where the disdain kicks in. "Oh, it is more than good enough for the plebs. They'll never know the difference." "Sure it is pubescent, but hey - so is the audience! Well done Mitzi!" 

And you know what? They are right. And that is the scariest part. Whatever else may or may not have happened - this past year has shown one terrifying thing: Decades of global programming has reduced the overwhelming majority of humanity (regardless of social distinctions such as education, culture, nationality, class, race, religion, creed, etc etc) to the level of this pitiful, pathetic display. 

In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear of trained artists and designers, with many years of visual expertise even, who look at this and rather like it because some part or other of those puerile messages that the thing is littered with corresponds to their piped in world view (which they are deluded enough to think is their own): "Oh look, people will be able to buy stuff with their social credit scores at the Gooddeeds store! Nice touch that, isn't it?" or "great - all the food is Vegan!" "wow - they solved the rising ocean levels by building a canal city. Looks nice, doesn't it?" 

And that is the scariest thing about "FutureScape". That most of those who look at this will love it. Never even know the difference. Or what it really says. Or the powerbrokers that stand behind that message.

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What is wrong with this picture?

Perfectly serious question that relates to an actual picture. Not a metaphor or anything. Look at the picture above. What do you see?

It is a screen grab from an interview with Mike Gunton, the producer of the latest David Attenborough documentary entitled "The Year the Earth Changed" which, as I understand it, is all about how good the lockdowns were / are for the planet. Here's a snippet where they actually discuss the very thing depicted in the screen grab above:

Now look at the side by side pictures again, carefully:

I have added these little arrows to direct your attention. Same washing on the line? Same guy in a white t-shirt on that rooftop? Boy - that smog must have dissipated fast, mustn't it?

I recently heard a learned Rabbi say on a podcast that according to old Jewish law if a person is caught lying just once, they are blocked from all court proceedings for life. They cannot bear witness, be a plaintiff - all of that is barred to them. They can of course end up becoming a defendant. And guess who the judge will believe then?

Someone lied here. And according to this Lorraine person, it was the makers of the documentary, she only showed what she was given by them. I think she is right, because wouldn't that producer fellow immediately have stopped her when this photoshop masterpiece made its appearance? Goes right along with her, doesn't he?

You lie once... How many many many times have you lied before? Not this producer here - who cares if he lied or not. Not important enough to make a difference, is he? Not so with big papa bear, however! Oh boy has he lied and lied and lied, and even gotten caught on numerous occasions: "Blue Planet 2", anyone remember that little porker? That underwater documentary series, quite a bit of which was shot in an aquarium? Or those Arctic polar bears that were filmed in a German nature park? With his voice vaxing poetic over the fake footage: "In two more months polar bear families will emerge on the snowy slopes all around the Arctic... but for now they lie protected within their icy cocoons."

So, what difference does it make if "Sir" just got caught again? He will get away with it this time too. 

Where oh where are those old Jewish judges when you need them?


Please do not talk to me about it

When I first started to question the occurrences of 2020, I was alone. No one around me, not even a single person, agreed with me or was willing to even consider some of what was bothering me. Which is an understatement, if ever there was one. Things were not just bothering me, they had me beside myself with fear and worry. What is unfolding today, the endlessness of the endless "outbreak" and all that it is bringing with it - the loss of freedoms, of autonomy, the steady ascendance of a global bio-security police State, the proliferation of a world hive mind that not only accepts it all but even rejoices in it, the collectivism. I saw it all as clearly back during those very first days, as it is coming to pass now. 

Today, I am no longer all that alone in my fears. What I saw then, now many around me are also seeing. Some who are very near and dear to me, like my sister, bring me especial joy. And something that I hear a lot from these new campaneros is that actually they knew deep down for a long time that something was really really wrong about the whole sorry saga but that they didn't have the guts to face it. Because if there is no outbreak, then what is there instead? That is a very scary question. I was hit with that question one year ago. And I know how terrifying the void that opens up, when that question surfaces, is.

One friend told me that he finally faced up to everything, including that terrifying question, when he realized that what the order that is slowly being rolled out expects him to do is to forsake his dignity. "Haysiyetsiz yaşamamızı istiyorlar. Bir anda onu fark ettim, ve herşey bitti." No way to translate that into English, so Turkish it is. 

But then, there are also those who appear to still be buying into the narrative and who persistently try to broach the topic with me. To finagle some kind of agreement or acquiescence from me. Goaders. To them I want to very politely say - stop! 

I know what you are doing, you see. You know, as well as the next person, that something is very badly wrong with this picture and you are seeking relief, solace, something - a validation of your opiate from me. How many fingers Winston? If you can bully someone like me into agreeing with you that everything that is happening right now is due to this scourge that is so dreadful that it justifies this "new normal" - how soothed you will be if you can get me to agree with your manner of reasoning the bogeyman away... 

However, no matter how much you flail around for finding some innocuous explanation to all that is transpiring here; you know, as well as I do, that illnesses, outbreaks - no matter how bad - they come and go. You know, as well as I do, that at no point in history have healthy people been quarantined and economies brought to a standstill for them. And that the top %0.001 (or how ever many zeros it is) have increased their wealth by over %40 just this past year as a consequence of that enforced standstill. That the very world we live in has been changed by force. A very deep, subtle, calculating force at that.

You know that what is going on now is something else. Something entirely different. You know this as well as I do. You know that your "severe outbreak" is the far lesser of 2 evils, if not indeed a mere smokescreen for a much bigger agenda. And that we are no longer facing this infinitely bigger evil as a distant threat, as an abstraction - this horror agenda is actually already upon us.

And then there are people like me, like Pinocchio's consciences in your ear, who make that little voice inside you go louder. What if?... What if?... Not that I am even talking about any of this, at this point. It is always the likes of you who start these conversations, trying to goad Pinocchio's conscience into submission. If only I would agree with you that we were in the throes of a scourge... 

Stop. I mean it. Just stop. It won't work. I will not aid your soporific, end of! I can't. But even if I were to do so, it still wouldn't work. Because deep deep down you already know! 

We all have our own paths to forge in this. You forge yours. And I forge mine. And when we come together we talk about other stuff. Cats, design stuff, home furnishings, food, fashion, this that... Or we can just plain old gossip, you know... 

How about we do just that?


For the Record

I am putting this here just so that if in the future what a man named Geert Vanden Bossche is saying right now, at the start of March 2021, comes out to be correct I will remember that I listened to him today - with quite a bit of skepticism, I should add. 

So, who is this Geert Vanden Bossche? He appears to be a scientist who has had a very long career as a vaccine developer. He has held very high up positions both in the pharma industry as well as in its non-profit sector. Including the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, among many others. Very high up position there also, btw. There is a bio on linkedin, however I doubt that it will survive there for long after all the stir that he is causing at the moment. Here is another page that may survive a bit better. The interview that is causing the stir is still on youtube, however just like linkedin I doubt it will be there for long, so let me put down the bitchute link here.

It is a complicated interview held with another doctor, so there is lots of medical jargon. I cannot say that I followed it word for word. But, I did get the gist of it, I think, which is this: There is a mistake in the delivery schedule of these products (you should watch the video - again, I only understood it partially). Apparently doing mass vaccinations during the course of an outbreak is detrimental since what is administered is more than just a prophylactic. It is an active intervention into an ongoing event that can lead to unforeseen and highly destructive consequences such as the formation of uncontrollable mutant strains. 

But it isn't only the timing, it is also something in the design of these novel vaccines that isn't right and that has to do with the built in immune system that we all have. The vaccines, according to Vanden Bossche, replace this with something else. A new kind of immune system that is synthetic and that is meant to be permanent. (This is the part that I had a really hard time following, so I am probably getting it wrong even as I am writing this). And this synthetic thing, whatever it is, will not be able to cope with any novel strains of the corona virus, be it the mutants now or entirely new viruses in the coming years. 

Meanwhile our real immune system, the one that we are born with, will largely have been put out of commission for large swathes of populations (those who have taken the jab), making not only them but all of humanity extremely vulnerable from here on out since the bodies of the people whose innate immune systems are no longer working will effectively turn into production plants that churn out viruses at a rate and a level of potency hitherto never seen in medical history, given that there is no more protective mechanism that would slow the process down. So powerful will this onslaught be that even the immune systems of those who still have them (people who did not get the jab, in other words) will not be able to cope with what hits them. And this will not be a temporary thing but instead it will be indefinite, returning every viral infection season.

So, what he claims is that because of this mistake, what was only a benign virus all last year could now turn into a real killing machine. For ever and ever. And not only this one now, but all corona viruses in the future could take out entire populations because of the mass vaccinations that are happening right now across the world since these will destroy natural immune responses altogether, ad infinitum. 

Again, I do not know to what extent I am won over by this information. Various bits and pieces struck me as rather odd while I was listening, but most importantly, my amateur gut (which so far has proven its mettle in all of what has transpired over the past year) sees a basal flaw in his argument somewhere, although I can't quite fathom it. Obviously I can't, given how totally out of my depth I am with all of this. But ignoramus that I am, I can still sense it. Something in what he tells doesn't seem to quite stack up. A non-sequitur. A contradiction. Something...

The only reason I take this seriously enough to put it here is because of who Geert Vanden Bossche actually is. He really has been Mr. Vaccine for all of his life. He really has worked in this industry at very high levels. So, why would he come out now and say all this stuff when it will surely do nothing but totally destroy what seems to have been quite an illustrious career?

That said - my wonderful gut still tells me that what he forecasts sounds off. Not something that could really happen. I hope my gut is right yet again. I really really do. 

But, then again, let me just go on record just because of who he is...