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I have decided to re-blog some of the posts which I published on the NPIRL blog a few years ago.
I wrote quite a few posts for NPIRL back then. It was challenging work and it taught me lot. It was a professional blogging endeavor, calling for objective evaluation of metaverse content creation. Which is what I tried to do, to the best of my abilities.

I did however manage to write a few posts where I could cover NPIRL content creation and also become personal about what I wrote - these would only a handful out of the 100 or so that I wrote in total. I would somehow like these to be in one place. Having asked Bettina Tizzy for her blessing and obtained it, I will be posting them here, back to back over the next few weeks.

So, here they are:


Mean Kittiezzz!

Cats are predators. So, I hope that I am speaking on behalf of the whole species when I come right out and say it like I see it: Enough of all this hello kitty stuff in the metaverse - pleeaaaasse! We are not cute little kitties - we are big nasty meeeeaaannn old catzzzzzzzz! Thus, ladies and gentlemen, under the horrified gaze of all present company, off we go to carnivore land! teeeee heeeee....

The Demonic Cat avatar comes in both light and dark shades. Of course, one gets the dark one! (Top left)

The Latex Mew has nasty little fangs, a spiky tail creepy enough to put the fear of God into the Devil himself and huge huge huge stomp-over-everything-in-sight paw boots. Oh, and it certainly wouldn't do to forget to mention those utterly lovely boxing glove paws, a good enough size to do justice to any little old altercation... (Top right)

And speaking of rodents, I simply cannot emphasize this point strongly or often enough: There is no such thing as having too many mice! (Bottom left)

The tail as larder: Sorry folks, I ate the fish... And yup! While I was at it, I also ate Tweety. Odious little fluffball!!!... Oh yes, the mice! Those I am saving for later. I tend to get somewhat peckish just around bedtime you know... (Bottom right)


It shows a sad state of affairs when you cannot be secure even on your own island! This tomcat came flying out of nowhere and put me into this dreadful state. Even my tail is in a cast! Reason? He seemed to be upset about the contents of this very post, said it was giving us Nekos a bad rep! One of those politically correct cats no doubt.

However... R.I.P. old boy...

... took care of his sanctimonious little derriere pronto pronto! Here's where it actually happened... And of course, I did not leave any trace evidence! Watched my share of CSI episodes as diligently as the next person, haven't I?

Demonic Cat and Latex Mew avatars: June Dion
Neko tails: selena Chastity, Purrrfect Kitties
Mice Boots: Cyia Kanami at Purrrrfect Kitties
Neko arm sling, casts and collar: Akasha Wachmann
Neko Crime Scene: Cinemaniac Voom
(Please click on names for teleport locations)
Originally posted on the NPIRL blog on December 23, 2008.


tis the season to be steampunk...

... fa lala lala la la

Although a sizable proportion of virtual worlds Residents (including myself) do not celebrate Christmas in the religious sense of the word, this time of year has nevertheless come to be associated with festivity, merriment and the exchange of presents in a big chunk of the globe. Point in case: In my beloved Istanbul supermarkets and shopping malls are brimming over with "New Year" trees and decorations even as we speak. And what's more we seem to have managed to adapt the tradition to suit our own secular/muslim culture: The biggest seller in tree ornaments for the past few years has been a truly gaudy plastic adaptation of the tip of a minaret that you stick on top of your tree in place of where the angel would normally be put in a Christian household...

So, I have been wracking my brains in the pursuit of suitable seasonal gifts that we can inflict upon our loved ones in the metaverse and this establishment seems to me to fit the bill to perfection: Primtronics, a co-venture by CJoke Oh and Skalli McMillan is a delight of a store specialized in avatar attachments, with a steampunk neko twist but added extras!

OK, let us face it: Is it just me or is everybody beginning to notice the proliferation of truly well designed, meticulously detailed and textured steampunk and neko objects throughout the metaverse? Now, on the one hand this is of course wonderful news. We are obviously entering an era of high sophistication in virtual object design. However, on the flip side, a lot of what I am seeing out there begins to be repetitive in concept. Or I am simply beginning to become an extremely spoilt little neko person who turns up her snooty little whiskers at most of what she stumbles upon? In short, nowadays I am definitely looking for something more - and that something more for me usually ends up being something funny. And these two people are indeed funny! So, let me show you exactly what I mean:

For that incorrigible introvert who inevitably prefers a party of one, why not get them the fully animated Shoulder DJ? Comes with its own charmingly pulsating disco lights border and glow spotlight... (Left)

For that special man who likes to cook,
the leg holster mixer? Very handy around the virtual kitchen, I am sure... (Right)

His 'n Hers Crazy Antigravitation-Experiment V1.1 Backpacks... Perfection itself for that personalized little touch! (Left)

And here is another one and oh my goodness! It even has its own little wind turbine: The industrial landscape backpack "MinniKraftwerk" will (hopefully) manage to put a smile on the faces of all of those moaners that you have to get gifts for, the ones who claim to be carrying all the weight of the world upon their shoulders? (Right)

A very naughty follow me pet is the Kuhschraubaer (German for cow-bear-heli). Although I did have the little devil firmly leashed it took me forever to get her to fly to heel. Not to put too fine a point on it - she just simply would not oblige! So, this gift would most definitely not be for those authoritarian, "do-as-I-tell you" souls amongst your acquaintance... (Left)

Quite a different proposition from the naughty flying cow is the Pilot-Teddy, a lovely great little cuddly guy - obviously the perfect gift for that romantic dreamer... (Right)

For that eccentric individual, the mountaineering neko, a rope tail comes complete with its own handy knife...

And finally, for that naughty naughty boy, ear and shoulder laser guns! Zapppppp!!!

And now onto a wee bit of complication: While I have done all that is in my power to furnish you with tips as to how best to annoy your loved ones with your gifts, the items at Primtronics are copy but no transfer. However, the good news is that they do have gift certificates available at their shop, to where you can teleport directly from here. So, all that remains for you to do, is to present the objects of your bounty with a gift certificate and precise instructions as to what it is that you expect them to get once they land at Primtronics. And then - well, just hope for the best I suppose... I mean, once you let them loose in there with all that cash there is really no saying as to what they will actually be walking out with from that oh so wonderfully imaginative location.


The four Yip Fashion Blender à la Alpha Auer...

I totally love dress up games!

Here I have taken it upon myself to play around with four Yip's clothes (with her gracious consent of course). I have added things from my own ridiculously voluminous virtual wardrobe, and left out other items from some of the original outfits - with a particular eye on making these ensembles thoroughly NPIRL. four's clothes are funny, in fact some of them are absolutely hilarious. And then, they are romantic, whimsical, elusive. In short, they are a treasure for any female to possess. So, my objective here was really not to improve upon what was already there but simply to take a personal look, make an interpretation...

The shoulder rats and head bats come from four's latest piece lune-acy. I combined them with the hybrid skin by Vry Offcourse (available here), a clock belt by Phantom Kabuki (available here) and boots by LuizHernandez Slade (available here). The skirt actually belongs to four's Happy Hour ensemble, I simply increased the transparency a tad.

The French Souvenir chambermaid is a lusty wench who is most certainly no better than she should be. Here she is frolicking around, broom in hand, hefting a shiny black scarab jetpack complete with wings (available here) by Ryan Snook. She also sports what I think is one the funniest hairdos I ever saw in Second Life®, a strange breadloaflike appendage created by Sunnivah Jiutai (available here). The roller skates are actually Bett's input, telling me of an old mate of hers who apparently roamed the streets of Real Life, dressed as a chambermaid on roller blades. And while we are on the subject of roller skates or roller blades, I feel that paying homage to that so totally not possible in Real Life personage, Rollerina is also in order here on this post... NPIRL? It is all in a state of mind methinks...

No, I have not decided to become a Furry. A close friend of mine has graciously helped me with these photos. She would also prefer to maintain her anonymity, so I will respect her wishes and not disclose her name... The outfit is largely made out of four Yip's Roly Poly ensemble, from which I used both the skirts, the flower belt and the bird bow, the roly polies on the chest and the flying birdies. The top garment is by June Dion and is part of a Victorian dress called Vanessa, (available here). The furry avatar (of which my friend is only using the head) is created by Miaka Amat and can be obtained here. This is truly one of the most beautiful furry faces that I have seen to date. Instead of obliterating all expressiveness in the usual jumble of prims Amat has utilized the top part of the human shape and added prims only to the cheeks and chin. Finally, the boots are by LuizHernandez Slade and can be found at the Freebie Dungeon (here).

I have combined four's wallflower skin with a Cherry Tree Hair by Ameshin Yossarian of Curious Kitties (teleport from here), a ladies jetpack by Vincente Shepherd of the Gaslights Emporium (teleport from here) and Steampunk leather boots by Thomus Keen of Steam Powered Nuts (teleport from here). The skirt is something I cobbled together.

The Happy Hour outfit is I think one of the funniest that four ever put together. I have merely underscored the highly obvious here of course: Mademoiselle Demure whips off the gray two piece suit, only to emerge from under the table as Madame Voracious! Everything else used here comes from four's "four is a bird" package - except for the hair by Lola Marquez of Armidi (teleport from here) and the high heeled shoes by Lost Thereian of Naughty Enterprizes (teleport from here). The Feline skin was created by my newly found furry friend, who has asked for her identity to remain undisclosed so sadly, I am not allowed to share the information regarding that with you.

And alas even the best of good times must come to an end at some point... So, For a grand finale: I am anxiously hoping that four agrees with me that nobody can possibly be as good as her virtuous white bird. So, for a bit light relief, I am toting that angelic headdress of white feathers, headband and the cuffs from her white birdy wings package - coupled with an ominous piece of lingerie called Innamorata, designed by Devyn Grimm, of Chaospire (teleport from here), Tekelili Tantalus' very aptly named Fleurs Du Mal boots, and just in case I need to do some unexpected heavy duty construction work, a pair of steel paws designed by June Dion of the Bare Rose.


Paw Boots!

Only the other day I was talking about the lamentable absence of paw boots in Real Life, right? In the meantime I have been informed that apparently some enterprising Real Life designer out there seems to have made something along these lines but in my humble view it wouldn't really add up to much beyond being a sad substitute to the "real" thing...

So, here they are - all of my lovely little beauties...

The Ninja Cat boots are somewhat on the cruel side but, I give you my most solemn assurance that I try not to use those nasty little sticks too excessively and then only on the most objectionable avatars!

Admittedly the Grunge Camp Paw kickers are ever so slightly butch but nonetheless a great favorite whenever I need to climb the Black Mountain at Syncretia to check on all those leaky water pipes...

These Hobo Paw boots have a slight flaw around the ankles so I conceal them with some very lovely, not to mention thoroughly elegant, barbed wire neko leg warmers! They really do think of every little eventuality these neko designers don't they? I imagine the barbed wire would come in very handy at keeping those bothersome rodents trying to climb up ones calves at bay! No?

Yeti paw boots! We pose for these together with my furry sister: Two silly school girls in black and white outfits. Mine is a sailor's costume and she is a striped bunny! Teeeee heeeee....

For the more demanding neko, these jewel studded boots come in a range of fur options for toes, all in the same box. A must have for all of those dressier occasions!

Sakuradawn Lei's name is a byword for high quality paw boots in the metaverse, most of them leaving paw prints as you walk! Unfortunately the loveliest ones are designed for feral furries and thus one needs to have the appropriate leg shape to really be able to wear them - which we, vain, silly, fashion victim women obviously do not have. However, necessity is indeed the mother of all invention, so my furry sister was certainly not going to be put off by a minor little hindrance such as a leg shape! She merely replaced the upper part of the Myth boots with another boot part - and Bob's your uncle! My Trailmix ones are actually designed for human legs so all I had to do was walk around leaving some wonderful feline paw prints. Never one to be outdone, Furry Incognita follows suit with her own - and oh what an utterly lovely mess we have made!

Ninja Cat Boots: Emily Lelouch
Grunge Camp Paw Kickers: Thomus Keen
Barbed wire leg warmers: Minde Mills
Hobo Paw Boots: Blume Boucher
LouRoo Yeti Paw Boots: LouRoo Rau
Jewel Neko Boots: 7ommy Gunes
Trailmix and Myth boots: Sakuradawn Lei



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