One whole year later

Or even almost 13 months, if I am to be more exact. I did not even think about this blog for all this time. Which is funny because I have been noodling around with the very idea of blogs, not what is written in them but their appearances - but more about that later, with a special post. 

It has been a year of 2 things: Learning and Graphic Design. I intend to write more about the second, it is in fact the main reason why I am sort of reviving this blog. I have a lot of thoughts about graphic design and they are swimming around in my head, maybe it will be good to write them down.

The first thing - learning - has taken up a huge portion of this past year. I have been reading some of my posts from 2020 into 2021 - and boy was I in need of learning. In my ignorance however, I seem to have been in good company: I came across a quote from Matt Taibbi, and if even he only "got it" recently, how the hell was I supposed to know? And what did he say, you may ask? I have been keeping a page of "notes" regarding this second education that I have been putting myself through - short little things like quotes, videos. So, if you really want to know what he said then you will have to go there > > >. It is the first one up.

So, anyway, I have been OK for the most part. The learning has involved some pretty hefty red pills but there is this really strange thing that happens: Your life long held world view collapses - yes; and that is a very scary thing - yes. But somehow, you come out of it stronger. It becomes easier, not harder once you have looked the ogre in the eye. You gain something. It is hard to explain. I went through it, and I closely followed my sister go through it. And there will be a very special post about her on this blog very soon. 

So, that's it for now. I'm back on my main blog - at least for a few posts. 

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