The History of Visual Communication - my "old" pride and joy...

Just got a massive face-lift.

This has been around for a very long time. Initially it was under my old website, as a sub site. Then when I closed down that site and started my current site I decided to make a whole separate website for this. The reason was that for some inexplicable reason the sub-site on my old website had become extremely popular internationally. And very suddenly at that. I was dumbfounded when I realized this because I had only put together the site as teaching material for my students, never posted it anywhere, never promoted it. So, I truly have no idea how this happened, all I know is that my hosting service from back then sent me an email telling me that the site was getting so much traffic all of a sudden that I had to update my plan. Which, in the end, I didn't have to - they were actually very nice about it when I told them of my circumstances and how the site had come about, how I wasn't earning anything from it, bla bla bla. But then, in the end I moved my entire site anyway - for completely different reasons.

As part of the move I also made a new design for it, which was sort of OK for when it was made - probably 7 or 8 years ago. But with recent changes in website design, how things have become much wider, images have become much bigger; over time it had come to look sadly old and outdated. I knew it had to be updated but I also knew that this was a big job because it is a massive site that covers the full history of visual communication starting from cave paintings and petroglyphs all the way to the computer age, broken into 10 chapters. And then most chapters also have sub-pages where I also show examples of the culture of that era. So, I kept putting it off.

And also I wasn't really sure if the site was still as popular as it once had been. And I also lost interest, I suppose. But then a friend told me recently, after they had seen the wixtrix site, that I should really make an effort with this. So, I went to look at the stats, and was amazed to see that the site is still getting a lot of visitors. Maybe not as many as it did in its heyday but still enough to make me sit down and think. And then I sat down and did it.

And yes, it was a very big job. 3 of the sub-pages are still missing but I will eventually get to those as well. They all relate to the twentieth century where there is certainly no lack of material. Which is more than what can be said about the computer age, unfortunately. In fact I have been wracking my brain to find some new music, new fashion, some new anything to put into a page that relates to the past 3 decades and - zip. Selfies, maybe? Autotune? So, I am very much afraid that the final chapter of this site will end up having only the one page.


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