FutureScape? BlahScape more like...

This thing - it is so ugly, so badly designed, so without any awareness of visual impact or drama or creativity that I do not even want to show pictures of it because they will sully the overall appearance of my blog. And I do pay some attention to that appearance. But, obviously I have to show what it looks like in order to be able to talk about it.  

Just look at that grass! Those trees! The vehicles! The textures on all the buildings - like badly fitting clothes! Those humanoids - one cannot really call those things people can one? Look at that typography! Or whatever that is! 

Just look at this completely flattened out roadkill of a visual disaster! 

This piece of incompetence (really, as a designer I do not even know what other name to call it by) has been concocted by Chatham House. Which, in case you don't know, professes itself to be the British counterpart to the CFR. Although smarter people than me have long identified that actually Chatham House is the older of the two institutions, that the CFR is only an offshoot of it. But either way this is a think tank that stands right at the heart of operation global control; a think tank with tremendous influence, resources, backing, clout. They say "jump" and politicians the world over ask "how high", basically. They are among the handful who run the world. 

And this - this!?! - is the best that they can do? This flat, insipid, badly designed, badly implemented piece of visual kaka? This is the level of the staff that they have for something like this? Or maybe they took this to an outside agency. The people who did this - they are the best that they could find? With their resources? And do they not have eyes in their heads to see how absolutely pitiful this product is? 

And it isn't just the visuality of it that I am talking about either. The content, the "story" that it tells - the banality of it! The childishness! Or hold it - not childish, there might have been some glimmer of creativity if it had been childish. It is pubescent! That reek of inept propaganda. How badly it is written. The flatness. Flat visuals (quite a feat to pull that off in what is supposed to be a 3D presentation, but they have managed to do so nevertheless!) but then the flatness of what those visuals are supposed to represent. The "tale into the future" that reads like a really bad toothpaste commercial text. Or something of that order. 

Not even a shred of creativity. None. 

People have commented that they find this thing scary because in this vision of a future world there don't seem to be a lot of people around. I mean yes, this is supposed to be Piccadilly Circus and there are maybe 50 people shuffling about in total. But, I don't think anyone needs to worry about subliminal depopulation messages and such. I have a far more realistic explanation: This is so sparsely populated because the person who made this was too inept put in more people. Too inept or too lazy. Probably both. I know a thing or two about 3D environments, and I know populating them takes more than what this sorry excuse for a 3D designer has. Considerably more.

What is scary is the quality of this. These are the people sitting in cigar smoke filled back rooms plotting out humanity's future. And this is their level of finesse, of imagination, of creativity? 

And what is even more scary is the absolute disdain that they have for their audience. They probably know full well how pitiful this thing is. What I think really happened here is that they probably spent very little on this. In fact they probably spent nothing on it at all. Had some privileged kids (aka. interns) with rudimentary computer skills cobble it together, aided by some liberal arts sophomore who is the niece of some globalist muck-a muck who needed to have something to do, so someone probably said, "oh Mitzi can write all the texts". Somehow I am quite certain that this is how this came together. The result shows that so clearly.

But then they went and published this! And that is where the disdain kicks in. "Oh, it is more than good enough for the plebs. They'll never know the difference." "Sure it is pubescent, but hey - so is the audience! Well done Mitzi!" 

And you know what? They are right. And that is the scariest part. Whatever else may or may not have happened - this past year has shown one terrifying thing: Decades of global programming has reduced the overwhelming majority of humanity (regardless of social distinctions such as education, culture, nationality, class, race, religion, creed, etc etc) to the level of this pitiful, pathetic display. 

In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear of trained artists and designers, with many years of visual expertise even, who look at this and rather like it because some part or other of those puerile messages that the thing is littered with corresponds to their piped in world view (which they are deluded enough to think is their own): "Oh look, people will be able to buy stuff with their social credit scores at the Gooddeeds store! Nice touch that, isn't it?" or "great - all the food is Vegan!" "wow - they solved the rising ocean levels by building a canal city. Looks nice, doesn't it?" 

And that is the scariest thing about "FutureScape". That most of those who look at this will love it. Never even know the difference. Or what it really says. Or the powerbrokers that stand behind that message.

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