I Will Not Eat Ze Bugz

A food blog with a twist, assembled by yours truly: "I Will Not Eat "Ze Bugz"

And please click on the link and go take a look - don't just read this post here. Please! Because I have spent quite a bit of time and effort on it, finding the dishes, curating the photos and the recipes - and I am sort of proud of the result. So, please go take a look. And if you are a cook, I hope you will find usage for it. Go on - what are you waiting for? Click!

All these absolutely gorgeous free food stock photos - they were simply screaming out to me to do something with them. That would be reason number one for this new little hobby. The other reasons, which are actually the real reasons, are quite a bit more complex and you can read them here:

In a nutshell, this collection of recipes is my response to "The Great Reset". Some are things that I like to eat myself, some are things that I have not yet tasted but that sound very good to me from reading their recipes. There is some Turkish stuff, of course, but this is not a Turkish food blog. Most of it is good, solid food that has a tradition; but I am also sprinkling in some "interesting" food - a concept and an attitude to food that I have a lot of issues with, as the above link will tell you.

Not being much of a cook myself I steal the recipes from good food portals, always with links and credits, so that you people can go and explore further on their sites. And I am quite certain that the recipes that I find are good - because while I may not be much of a cook myself, I do pride myself in having a discerning palate, so reading the ingredients and the instructions I can usually tell that this will be something good. 

So, I hope you will try these out. If you do, please leave a comment under the food post where you got it from so that I can make changes if needed, based upon your feedback and suggestions.

But ultimately, this is a graphic design project that could easily be classified under my ongoing series of "Why I still Love Graphic Design". I curate the pictures with an eye on the overall design system, combine them with several weights of the font "Lato" (especially chosen for its hairline weight - not many fonts have this), and then posting the stuff in such a way that the collage on the home page works. Lots and lots of design play and fun.

Which is why I still love Graphic Design.

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