What is wrong with this picture?

Perfectly serious question that relates to an actual picture. Not a metaphor or anything. Look at the picture above. What do you see?

It is a screen grab from an interview with Mike Gunton, the producer of the latest David Attenborough documentary entitled "The Year the Earth Changed" which, as I understand it, is all about how good the lockdowns were / are for the planet. Here's a snippet where they actually discuss the very thing depicted in the screen grab above:

Now look at the side by side pictures again, carefully:

I have added these little arrows to direct your attention. Same washing on the line? Same guy in a white t-shirt on that rooftop? Boy - that smog must have dissipated fast, mustn't it?

I recently heard a learned Rabbi say on a podcast that according to old Jewish law if a person is caught lying just once, they are blocked from all court proceedings for life. They cannot bear witness, be a plaintiff - all of that is barred to them. They can of course end up becoming a defendant. And guess who the judge will believe then?

Someone lied here. And according to this Lorraine person, it was the makers of the documentary, she only showed what she was given by them. I think she is right, because wouldn't that producer fellow immediately have stopped her when this photoshop masterpiece made its appearance? Goes right along with her, doesn't he?

You lie once... How many many many times have you lied before? Not this producer here - who cares if he lied or not. Not important enough to make a difference, is he? Not so with big papa bear, however! Oh boy has he lied and lied and lied, and even gotten caught on numerous occasions: "Blue Planet 2", anyone remember that little porker? That underwater documentary series, quite a bit of which was shot in an aquarium? Or those Arctic polar bears that were filmed in a German nature park? With his voice vaxing poetic over the fake footage: "In two more months polar bear families will emerge on the snowy slopes all around the Arctic... but for now they lie protected within their icy cocoons."

So, what difference does it make if "Sir" just got caught again? He will get away with it this time too. 

Where oh where are those old Jewish judges when you need them?

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