For the Record

I am putting this here just so that if in the future what a man named Geert Vanden Bossche is saying right now, at the start of March 2021, comes out to be correct I will remember that I listened to him today - with quite a bit of skepticism, I should add. 

So, who is this Geert Vanden Bossche? He appears to be a scientist who has had a very long career as a vaccine developer. He has held very high up positions both in the pharma industry as well as in its non-profit sector. Including the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, among many others. Very high up position there also, btw. There is a bio on linkedin, however I doubt that it will survive there for long after all the stir that he is causing at the moment. Here is another page that may survive a bit better. The interview that is causing the stir is still on youtube, however just like linkedin I doubt it will be there for long, so let me put down the bitchute link here.

It is a complicated interview held with another doctor, so there is lots of medical jargon. I cannot say that I followed it word for word. But, I did get the gist of it, I think, which is this: There is a mistake in the delivery schedule of these products (you should watch the video - again, I only understood it partially). Apparently doing mass vaccinations during the course of an outbreak is detrimental since what is administered is more than just a prophylactic. It is an active intervention into an ongoing event that can lead to unforeseen and highly destructive consequences such as the formation of uncontrollable mutant strains. 

But it isn't only the timing, it is also something in the design of these novel vaccines that isn't right and that has to do with the built in immune system that we all have. The vaccines, according to Vanden Bossche, replace this with something else. A new kind of immune system that is synthetic and that is meant to be permanent. (This is the part that I had a really hard time following, so I am probably getting it wrong even as I am writing this). And this synthetic thing, whatever it is, will not be able to cope with any novel strains of the corona virus, be it the mutants now or entirely new viruses in the coming years. 

Meanwhile our real immune system, the one that we are born with, will largely have been put out of commission for large swathes of populations (those who have taken the jab), making not only them but all of humanity extremely vulnerable from here on out since the bodies of the people whose innate immune systems are no longer working will effectively turn into production plants that churn out viruses at a rate and a level of potency hitherto never seen in medical history, given that there is no more protective mechanism that would slow the process down. So powerful will this onslaught be that even the immune systems of those who still have them (people who did not get the jab, in other words) will not be able to cope with what hits them. And this will not be a temporary thing but instead it will be indefinite, returning every viral infection season.

So, what he claims is that because of this mistake, what was only a benign virus all last year could now turn into a real killing machine. For ever and ever. And not only this one now, but all corona viruses in the future could take out entire populations because of the mass vaccinations that are happening right now across the world since these will destroy natural immune responses altogether, ad infinitum. 

Again, I do not know to what extent I am won over by this information. Various bits and pieces struck me as rather odd while I was listening, but most importantly, my amateur gut (which so far has proven its mettle in all of what has transpired over the past year) sees a basal flaw in his argument somewhere, although I can't quite fathom it. Obviously I can't, given how totally out of my depth I am with all of this. But ignoramus that I am, I can still sense it. Something in what he tells doesn't seem to quite stack up. A non-sequitur. A contradiction. Something...

The only reason I take this seriously enough to put it here is because of who Geert Vanden Bossche actually is. He really has been Mr. Vaccine for all of his life. He really has worked in this industry at very high levels. So, why would he come out now and say all this stuff when it will surely do nothing but totally destroy what seems to have been quite an illustrious career?

That said - my wonderful gut still tells me that what he forecasts sounds off. Not something that could really happen. I hope my gut is right yet again. I really really do. 

But, then again, let me just go on record just because of who he is... 

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